The Illegal Gambling Business Act (UIGEA) and Online Gambling Sites

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The Illegal Gambling Business Act is a federal law that makes gambling on the internet illegal. It is an attempt to crack down on the illicit activity by targeting financial transaction providers. There are several other federal criminal statutes that can be applied to internet gambling. These include the Wire Act, the Travel Act, and the Gambling Devices Transportation Act (also known as the Johnson Act).

As far as the best online gambling sites go, you will find that some sites specialize in sports betting while others offer a variety of gambling forms. Some of the more popular deposit methods include credit cards and debit cards. Depending on the site, you may be able to download software to play the game. Typically, players will need to login to the site and enter their card information and amount of money to make a purchase.

While UIGEA may be the only legal avenue of enforcement, it has its own issues, such as the question of whether Congress has the power to prohibit gambling in the first place. Several court cases have challenged the legislative authority of the Act. However, these cases have not been particularly successful.

Among the most interesting issues, a recent study from the Loyola of Los Angeles Entertainment Law Journal suggests that state officials have concerns about the possibility of allowing Internet gambling in their jurisdictions. Moreover, the presence of an interstate element in an Internet gambling case has thwarted the enforceability of local laws. In a separate report, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) asserted that the federal government should be able to regulate the commercial aspect of online gambling.

Other concerns relating to gambling on the Internet have focused on the lack of privacy protections. Many state officials have expressed concern about the fact that people can be viewed by their webcam, but not protected by the right to privacy. This has led to questions about the extent of the government’s power under the Commerce Clause.

Although the UIGEA is not the only law in existence that affects internet gambling, it has become the focal point of a growing number of litigations and investigations. These cases range from the prosecution of a small group of individuals to the seizure of millions of dollars by the United States marshals. UIGEA has been accompanied by a number of Congressional findings, including one regarding the impact of the statute on interstate commerce.

Another area of interest is the UIGEA’s effects on state laws. For example, the State of New York has a law that prohibits the “act of entering a bet” on any sporting event, as well as a related statute that imposes fines on those who “engage in gambling activity in New York State” while residing in another state.

Although the UIGEA may be a tough nut to crack, it does contain factors that will help weed out lower-level cases. Specifically, it includes a list of criteria for judging whether a particular act constitutes an offense.